Friday, 4 November 2011

Exhaust clamps / cable cover etc

I had noticed the clamps that come with the exhaust were not stainless steel even though the exhaust was and also they dropped well below the exhaust. I decided to remove them and add Mikalor stainless steel clamps.
Looks at lot better with these clamps and they wont cause any ground clearance issues :)

I got some foam strip as well that was sticky on one side I used this to seal around the covers for the wheel arch compartments to stop any moisture getting in.

On my mind for a while was how to tidy/conceal all the cables for the ECU, main power and everything else that I had routed through the middle of the bulkhead. I done this in order to try and keep every thing else clutter free around the engine bay. The end result is my new cover :)

Thats all for now, Next job on my list is the wiper motor assembly and drive links along with some pipe work for the pedal box.

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