Sunday, 28 November 2010

Wiring and odds and sods

I got the rest of the p clips , jubilee clips and stainless self tappers I needed to get a few jobs done. All the cooling hoses are finished and tightened up, overflow pipe now clipped ( out with rivnut tool again)

I nearly forgot to do up the brake and clutch unions at the back of the engine, I had them in temporary but forgot to go back and finish the job. that would of been some handling if i had the body on i recon i would of had to take it of again

Started the main wiring loom, I cut out the fuse box hole in the bulkhead and then mounted the relays putting these in u get in some rare positions. Made sure to do the vectra steering column mod before i mounted the relays.
I took apart some of the GD loom as I didn't like the way the cables ran into the engine bay and then back out to the inner arches to supply lights and indicators etc. Still working on this, waiting on some conduit coming at the moment.
Also been working on the main engine loom as i want all the cables to enter the bulkhead in one position.

I got some sound deadening for the petrol tank and fitted that so the tanks ready to go in when i get to that stage........ along way of yet

Thats about it for now not sure what I'm for doing next, have a few jobs on that i need simple bit for but as usual it does not take much to stop progress.

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