Saturday, 19 December 2009

Well another few days and a wee bit more done, forgot to add a pic of the metal work sprayed so added it this time.

The sanding and buffing of the shell is moving on slowly, i,m waiting on my supplier getting in some Farcela G6 as I only have g3 here and its really not up to the job at this point, just takes way to long.

So while waiting on the G6 to arrive I started to do the bonnet and door mould edges. I started removing the edge with a file until it was well down then just used some 400 and 800 grit to finish of before the 1500 and G3 to bring up a nice shine.

So far so good and not many problems though there will be a few areas that will need some gel repairs which will take a while.

OOOOOOooo and its soooooo cold today lol

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