Sunday, 20 December 2009


It was hard to get into the swing of things today, I got up, looked outside and the place was white :) with snow. Managed after a couple of cups of coffee to get ventured out into the workshop.
I got stuck into the doors and boot today sanding down the edges with a file to remove the mould lines. Took a picture but its hard to get a good picture. One thing that i notice happening, when the mould edges are filed and sanded there still seems to be pinholes here and there, they look worse than they are when they fill with rubbing compound :(
They are really small but plenty of them, not sure on a solution, any ideas ??
Tmw should see all the edges finished from a filing and sanding point of view, there are a few bits on the doors that will need some gel but I'll get to that at a later date,


  1. For the edges, clean out what compound you can from the pinholes with a tooth brush, get some paint the same colour and, spray some paint into the lid and with a pipe cleaner or small brush, paint the edges. covers up the pinholes enough so that they don't stand out. ;) Wont work on the top door edge though. ;)

  2. Cheers Steve will look into that, top door edge could be a slight issue. have to say the GD shell is great to work with, getting a great finish on the car so far. Enough work and you can have the gel looking like a good pro paint job :)