Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My kit

A bit different than normal, within a few days of deciding to build Gardner Douglas Cobra a fellow GD enthusiast who had started building a kit had decided time was against his dream. He decided to sell the new parts he had acquired with his kit, along with all the Jag donor parts which were all overhauled by ward engineering etc.
At the same time buying an already built car from GD.

This ticked quite a few boxes for me as the project so far was along the lines of what I was aspiring to,

Colour Black
Engine LS series 400BHP ++
Everything else either new or refurbished.

So 15k later out of pocket I had the beginning to my dream. I first saw my project at GD when we called into when on holiday July 2009 and met Andy for the first time, you could just tell how much he lived the cars by his enjoyment to talk about tech stuff and show people around the factory, whilst enjoying coffee :)

I was supposed to get back over for the project around the start of September but life in general took over, as it does.
So it wasnt until 8th October the trip was taken from N,Ireland to newark to pick up the project and take it to its new home :)

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